China CCC category change



China CCC category is changed from Sep 23, 2022.

The following categories have been removed from the current CCC catalog:


1. (0801)Single-speaker and multi-speaker active speakers with total output power below 500W (rms)


2. (0802)Amplifier


3. (0805、0812)Audio and video recording, playback and processing equipment in various carrier forms


4. (0813)Electronic organ


5. (1604)Cordless Telephone Terminal


6. (1608)Data terminal


7. (1609)multimedia terminal


8. (1901)Intrusion detector


9. (1902)Burglar alarm controller


The following 2 have been added to the CCC catalog this time:


1.  Lithium-ion batteries and battery packs, mobile power sources used in electronic and electrical products


2.  Power adapter/charger for telecom terminal products




Created on:2022-09-23 20:41
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