China CCC certificate: Harmonic Current Emission Limits standard update



GB 17625.1-2022 "Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits - Part 1: Harmonic Current Emission Limits (Input Current per Phase of Equipment ≤ 16A) will be officially implemented on July 1, 2024 and will replace GB 17625.1-2012.


The update of this standard has a significant impact on the CCC certification of household and similar equipment , electronic products and safety accessories , and lighting appliances.


The main updated technical content includes testing conditions for multifunctional equipment, television receivers, information technology equipment (ITE), and external power sources.


For multifunctional devices, the new standard requires that all functions of the product can meet the corresponding limit requirements:

① For products that can be tested independently for each function, it is necessary for each function to meet the limit requirements in order for the equipment to meet the standard requirements.

② For products that cannot run each function independently, the strictest limit requirements must be met under the condition that all functions are turned on simultaneously in order for the device to meet the requirements.

③ Compared to other functions, a certain function of the device can be significantly regarded as the main function of the device. The device can be tested while all functions are turned on at the same time, and compliance judgment can be made using the limit values of its main functions. For example, a refrigerator with a TV screen on the door still has cooling as its main function.


The new standard has changed the test conditions for television receivers, making them more suitable for the configuration of performance parameters for current televisions. The changes are mainly reflected in brightness adjustment, volume adjustment, energy-saving functions, and other aspects. It should be noted that this standard update does not require supplementary testing of the TV receiver function, only supplementary testing of the TV product in its ITE state (if any).


Detailed classification of external power sources (EPS), with different types of power sources having different testing requirements:
① For EPS designed for a specific model of equipment, it should be tested together with the specific model of equipment according to the specific test conditions for the equipment;
② For EPS designed for non-specific equipment models, tests should be conducted using loads or simulated loads that are similar to the equipment performance specified in the operating instructions. The EPS manufacturer should specify in the operating instructions which types of equipment can be powered, and the types of powered equipment should be classified according to Chapter 5. EPS should meet the limit requirements of the corresponding classification.


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