China Certification alliance for vehicle established



          China Certification alliance for vehicle established



CAV at is an organization for China vehicle industry including certification bodies, test labs, and automotive manufacturers.  

The main purpose of the CAV is for Mutual recognition of certificates issued by different certification bodies like CQC, CCAP, CAQC, etc.

With this new CAV certificate, the component voluntary certificates issued by either certification body can get CAV certificate recognized by all the CAV members.

Currently the first product category includes:

  • Safety belt

  • External lighting and light signal equipment for motor vehicles

  • indirect vision device for motor vehicles

  • seats and headrests

  • driving recorder

  • reflective identification

  • Safety Glass

  • horn

  • brake hose

  • fuel tank

  • retro reflector

  • Interior trim parts

  • door locks and door retention components

  • Triangle warning signs

  • Performance of hydrogen fuel cell engines

  •  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Engine Safety

  •  Fuel cell vehicle refueling port

With the CAV certificate, automotive components manufacturers can have more choices when they choose certification bodies.


If you need help with China certifications, please let us know.


Created on:2023-12-20 11:41
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