Single car import—a better choice to import to China




                            Single car import—a better choice to import to China


With the development of Chinese local brand car manufacturers, it is more competitive for imported cars to gain China market, especially for low volume cars.

Currently there are mainly three legal channels to import vehicles to China: CCC for mass production cars, CCC for parallel imported cars and Single car CCC.

The normal CCC certification is a technical barrier for foreign manufacturers to access China market due to the long time and complicated process for the entire vehicle certification which also requires all the key components to be CCC approved or certified with voluntary certifications.  Some of the component certification fees are then billed to the vehicle manufacturer from the components manufacturers.  This process can take several months or even years while the delay may miss the best window for marketing the new models.

Is there a better way to solve this problem? The answer is to try the single car import.

This is a good way to try the new model for the market without waiting for the certifications for the components. The certification price is relatively high comparing to the mass production CCC but it’s worth to launch the new model without delay and to avoid the risk of low volume sales in the future with full investment of certifications.

Besides the fast launch, the single car certification test is relatively simple and without considering the emission regulation and there is no factory inspection which solves another big headache.

Although it is competitive in China automotive market, there are still big demands for imported cars especially high-end models. With the correct channels of single car import, manufacturers can access China market more smoothly and with less risk.

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Created on:2023-12-25 21:13
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