What is SDoC? 

SDoC (Self-Declaration of Conformity) is a new scheme of CCC certification which applies to certain products in the SDoC category. 

SDoC is handled by CNCA (Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C.) directly and no need to go through certification bodies.

General information of  SDoC certification:

         ·Mandatory certificate for products fall into SDoC category

         ·Test must be conducted in China accredited labs for type B program or self-selected labs for type A program

         ·Certificate valid for 10 years (can be extended)

         ·Factory inspection not required

         ·Local representative needed 

         ·CCC mark the same as normal CCC scheme


What products need SDoC certificate?


CCC SDoC certificate applies to products listed in the SDoC category. 


Currently there are 19 products including 7 type A program and 12 type B program.

Products under Type A program can be tested in self-selected labs. 

Products under Type B program must be tested in China accredted labs.

Type A program:

  •  · Electrical drills
  •  · Electric grinders
  •  · Electric hammers
  •  · D.C. arc welding machines
  •  · TIG welding machines
  •  · MIG/MAG welding machines, 
  •  · Plasma arc cutting machines

Type B programs:

  •  · Thermal-links
  •  · Low-voltage switchgear assemblies.
  •  · Low-voltage components
  •  · Low power motors
  •  · Motor-compressors
  •  · Safety belt
  •  · External lightning and light-signaling devices
  •  · Devices for indirect vision
  •  · Seat and seat headrest
  •  · Vehicle travelling data recorder
  •  · Retro-reflective Markings

How to apply for SDoC certificate?

General process of SDoC certification:


SDoC requires Local representative to submit application for foreign manufacturers.  


What can we help for SDoC certification?

China Compliance Co., Ltd can help you with SDoC certification to make it easy for you.

    ·Prepare documents 

    ·Translate English into Chinese for free

    ·Verify test standard

    ·Verify test labs

    ·Set up test 

    ·On-site support during test

    ·Pre-test (if required)

    ·Prepare factory inspection report

    ·Customs clearance for test samples

    ·Follow up services like certificate extension 

    ·Keep connection with CNCA for market survey

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