What is Cyber security certification?


· Applied to Network Key equipment and Cyber Security specialized products


· mandatory certificate for products in category (refer to category here)


· Factory inspection and product inspection required


· Local test in China accredited labs


· Valid for 5 years



How to apply?


  •  Submit application
  •  Send samples to China authorized labs
  •  Test assistant (we will help for on-site test)
  •  Issue certificate
  •  Factory inspection / product inspection



Alternate option:


Test in authorized labs in China:


Test report valid for 3 years


No factory inspection



Product category:



Product type

Key Network equipment



3.Server (Rack)

4.Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

network security specialized 



1.Data backup integrated machine


3.Intrusion detection system (IDS)

4.Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

5.Network and terminal isolation products

6.Anti-Spam Product

7.Network security audit system

8.network vulnerability scanning products

9.security database system

10. Website data recovery products

11. Virtual private network products

12. Antivirus gateway

13.Unified threat management product (UTM)

14.Virus control products

15. secure operating system

16. Secure network storage

17. public key infrastructure

18. Cybersecurity situational awareness products

19. Information system security management platform

20. Network-based flow control products

21. Load balancing product

22. Information filtering products

23.Denial of service attack resistant products

24.Terminal access control products

25. USB mobile storage media management system

26. File encryption product

27.Data breach protection products

28.Data destruction software products

29. Security configuration Check the product

30. Operation and maintenance security management products

31.Log analysis product

32. Identity authentication product

33. Terminal security monitoring products

34.Electronic document security management products

Cyber security certification



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