What is CCC certificate?


CCC is short for China Compulsory Certification. 

Products without certificate cannot be imported, sold and/or used in China. 

CCC certificate can be issued by multiple CCC certification bodies like CQC, CSP, CTC, CVC, CAQC, TIRT,  CESI, CCAP, CCLC, CCRC, etc. 

General information of CCC certificate:

         ·Mandatory certificate for products fall into CCC category

         ·Test must be conducted in China accredited labs

         ·Certificate valid for 5 years (can be extended)

         ·Factory inspection required (initial inspection and follow up inspection)

         ·Local representative not needed 


SDoC (Self-Declaration of Conformity) is a new scheme of CCC certificate which applies to certain products in the SDoC category

For more information about SDoC certificate please click here.


What products need CCC certificate?


CCC certificate applies to products listed in the CCC category. 


Currently there are 17 types covering 103 products including 19 products under SDoC scheme. 

CCC Products List 2020

1. Electrical wires and cables 

2. Circuit switches, electric devices for protection or connection 

3. Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus 

4. Low power motors 

5. Electric tools 

6. Welding machines (A & B)

7. Household and similar electrical appliances

8. Audio and video apparatus (not including the audio apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles) 

9. Lighting apparatus (not including the lighting apparatus with the voltage lower than 36V)

10. Motor vehicles and components 

11. Agricultural Machinery

12. Fire Fighting Equipment

13. Safety Protection Products

14. Home Decor and Remodeling Products

15. Children Products

16. Ex-Products

17. gas appliances for home use

Please click here for detailed CCC product. 


How to apply for CCC certificate?

General process of CCC certification:


CCC certification requires local test in China accredited labs. Manufacturers need to send samples to China to test. We can help for sample customs clearance if needed. We can help you to set up testing on-site to support the test. 



What can we help for CCC certificate?

China Compliance Co., Ltd can help you with CCC certificate to make it easy for you.

    ·Prepare documents 

    ·Translate English into Chinese for free

    ·Verify test standard

    ·Verify critical components

    ·Set up test 

    ·On-site support during test

    ·On-site support during inspection

    ·Pre-test (if required)

    ·Customs clearance for test samples

    ·Follow up services like certificate extension 

    ·Keep connection with certification for market survey and follow up inspection


Please contac us if you have questions about CCC certificate.


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