What is SRRC?

SRRC is the wireless certificate in China issued by State Radio Regulatory Commission. 

SRRC is mandatory certificate for wireless products sold and used in China. Equipment and appliances that have radio transmitting functions like WLAN, Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Radar and broadcasting, etc. must apply for SRRC type approval. SRRC will issue type approval certificate after the product passes test and will assign a CMIIT number for the model. 

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What is CCC? 

CCC is short for China Compulsory Certification.  Products without certificate cannot be imported, sold and/or used in China. 

CCC certificate applies to products listed in the CCC category.

SDoC (Self-Declaration of Conformity) is a new scheme of CCC certificate which applies to certain products in the SDoC category

Learn more about China CCC certiifcate here.

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What is the NAL?

NAL is short for Network Access License which is mandatory for telecommunication equipment sold in China. NAL certificate is applicable to telecommunication equipment which is connected to the public telecommunication networks like cell phones, data terminals, group telephones, ISDN terminals, Intelligent Network devices, etc.. Currently there are around 32 product categories that include over 300 different kinds of telecommunication devices. 


NAL is telecom devices certification in China.

Refer to NAL certificate for more information.

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What is the China Cyber security certification?

· Applied to Network Key equipment and Cyber Security specialized products


· mandatory certificate for products in category (refer to category here)


· Factory inspection and product inspection required


· Local test in China accredited labs


· Valid for 5 years


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